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Each Saturday morning for the past 22 years Manos Juntas Clinic has been treating people who have no insurance and/or are unable to afford the cost of being examined by a physician and medicines. Manos Juntas Clinic offers free medical care to those who present in need regardless of insurance, income, national origin, age, sex, or religion. The medical care services include examination by physicians, medications, laboratory tests, management of chronic illness, and healthcare referrals if needed at no cost. The majority of our patients are low-income people who are unemployed or with jobs that do not have healthcare benefits, retired people who can not qualify for Medicare, and undocumented immigrants

Medical & Construction
Mission Trips

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Manos Juntas organizes medical and construction mission trips to Nicaragua every summer. Mission trips started in 1994 in collaboration with Community of Hope Church with about 18 brigadistas. Later on the same year we had a mission trip with St. Mark Methodist Church. They were both medical mission trips for setting up for treatment in several rural communities in Nicaragua.

During the summer of 1995, Manos Juntas organized its own medical mission trip in coordination with FUNDECI from Nicaragua. Since then, Manos Juntas has been organizing medical and construction mission trips once or twice a year. 

The approach of the Manos Juntas mission trips is to serve the poor and disadvantaged by providing medical assistance in those communities that have little or no access to medical care. We work to support rural poor communities of Nicaragua by building medical clinics and/or by providing medical assistance through a mobile clinic.

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During one of our medical mission trips to Nicaragua, we realized that many young people are faced with a seemingly impossible task of completion of their school because of inability to pay even the basic costs of education.

Since 1996, we have been recruiting needy high-school or university students every semester. We generally look for enrolled students who have clear goals about their careers, have the desire to study and have good grades, but can't afford to continue when they are faced with tuition, books, and transportation costs. 

We are aware that education plays an important tole for the future prosperity of Nicaragua. We want to help students to gain knowledge so they will have skills to make a decent living and to contribute in diversifying Nicaragua's economy.