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Manos Juntas Clinic joins hands in an effort to provide healthcare accessible to all who present in need for service.

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  • Manos Juntas Clinic joins hands to encourage preventive healthcare services through check-ups, laboratory testing, medication refills, and educational materials. 
  • Manos Juntas Clinic joins hands to manage chronic illness such as Diabetes Mellitus, Hypertension, and High Cholesterol. 
  • Manos Juntas joins hands to make arrangements for specialty referral if needed. 
  • Manos Juntas Clinic joins hands to promote an understanding of healthcare access to the needy by our volunteer students, who represent our future professionals in the healthcare industry.

Our Origins

The initial idea was to have a small free clinic every Saturday, examine between 10-15 patients, and provide sample medications donated from various doctors. With this concept in mind, the clinic started in the small library of Epworth United Methodist Church. As time went by, the number of patients was increasing, the sample medications were not enough, and the space became very limited. In 1996, Manos Juntas Clinic obtained a construction grant from the Methodist Church to renovate the basement of the Church. In 1998, the pharmacy was expanded into an existing room which became dedicated for the pharmacy. Since then, this was the location of Manos Juntas Clinic for 20 years until the recent move to Penn Avenue. 

The Manos Juntas Free Clinic has been in operation for 15 years and is one of the programs from “Fundación Manos Juntas” (HandsTogether Foundation) registered as 501(c)(3) charitable organization. The scope of the clinic has changed drastically since inception. The original idea of treating a few church members for acute illness has given way to large numbers of patients with chronic illness. The approach of using small quantities of sample medications has changed to ordering generic medications in large quantities and stocking a large medication area.

Today, we treat an average between 120-150 patients with the help of aprooximately 45 volunteers each Saturday. Manos Juntas Clinic offers free medical care to those in need regardless of insurance, income, origin, age, sex, race, or religion. The medical care services include examination by physicians, medications, laboratory tests, management of chronic illness, and healthcare referrals if needed at no cost.

Clinic Statistics

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