Boyd Shook, Founder and President


There are frequent questions asked of me and of several members of our board regarding the source of our funding. It is important to understand that we do not have any funds coming from the federal government nor any other government entity. Since we started our clinic in 1995 we have been fortunate to have received financial support from several local agencies and foundations including:
• The Methodist Church
• The Unitarian Church
• Catholic Charities
• The Walmart foundation
• The Oklahoma City Community Foundation
• The Butterfield Foundation
• The Boeing Corporation
• CVS Pharmacy
• Combined Federal Campaign.

We have had in-kind contributions and continued support from the Diagnostic Laboratory of Oklahoma.


We deeply appreciate these grants, but our primary source of funding continues to be donations from our friends and from people who are deeply concerned about healthcare for the less fortunate among us. We have had significant personal contributions from several individuals and are very pleased that they recognize the importance of our mission. The members of the board continue to be donors for more than half of our total budget and expenses.

As we reach and to those people who are less fortunate we would sincerely appreciate any tax deductible contributions that you might be able to make to support the continuation of our mission. Our clinic continues to be a valuable asset to reduce the costs of complications and utilization of emergency rooms and other community facilities.